Announcing the Successful Launch of #RheumJC: Rheumatology Journal Club on Twitter

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Although still in it’s infancy, I’m happy to announce the successful launch of a new Rheumatology Journal Club on Twitter: #RheumJC. We just completed the our first online discussion of Tacrolimus versus mycophenolate mofetil for induction therapy of lupus nephritis and had a great turnout, with 519 tweets on the day of the journal club (summary available here). We thank … Read More

My 2015 WordPress Setup

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”I don’t have big ideas. I sometimes have small ideas, which seem to work out.” – Matt Mullenweg I previously detailed my WordPress setup, but over the last few weeks, I have given my site (another) overhaul worthy of an updated blog post. New WordPress Theme I recently switched to the X WordPress Theme. This theme comes with four different … Read More

Morning Routines: Optimizing Your Startup Sequence

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“It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.” ― H.G. Wells Humans don’t wake up ready to give 100%. Our daily startup sequence has more similarities to older PCs that run best if restarted daily than modern devices that are always ready to go. Most of us benefit from going through … Read More

Rheumatology joining December 16th #NephJC discussion on “Rituximab versus Azathioprine for Maintenance in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis”

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Image: Rituximab crystal structure. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. I’m thrilled to announce that the online rheumatology community has been asked to join the next #NephJC, which will be held Tuesday, December 16 from 9-10 PM EST / 8-9 PM CST. We’ll be discussing the recent NEJM article Rituximab versus Azathioprine for Maintenance in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (PMID: 25372085) For my rheumatology colleagues … Read More

Managing Difficult Decisions in Medicine with the 40-70 Rule

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“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” — Tony Robbins The ability to make difficult decisions is the mark of an effective physician. While decisions in medicine can be difficult for a number of reasons, ways to manage many of these challenges are readily available. If the difficulty lies in defining the goals of treatment, we … Read More

#ACR14 Follow Up: Social Media Bootcamp, Tweetup, Podcasts, and #RheumJC Beginnings

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Group picture from #ACR14 Tweetup. “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” ― Seth Godin … Read More

How to Blog – #ACR14 Social Media Bootcamp

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“When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions you come up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if you keep going, and live with the problem and peel more layers of the onion off, you can often times arrive at some very elegant and simple solutions. Most people just don’t put … Read More

Modern Doctors Bag: My Everyday Carry

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“There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told how to use a telephone. Technology is just a tool. People use tools to improve their lives.” — Tom Clancy “One of the great challenges of our age, in which the tools of our productivity are also the tools of our leisure, … Read More

Speaking at HealthPartners Primary Care Update Conference

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I’m happy to be invited to speak for the upcoming conference HealthPartners Primary Care Update: Pathways to Knowledge on September 19, 2014. I’ll be giving a presentation titled Rheumatology Pearls from 11:15-12:00, which will briefly review: Common labs ordered in rheumatology Differentiating inflammatory from non-inflammatory arthritis. Gout: diagnosis, acute and chronic management Download slides: PDF (15.1 MB) Keynote (17.2 MB) [stored on … Read More