The Rheumatology Podcast is Now Available

Paul SufkaRheumatology Podcast

“Real Artists Ship” – Steve Jobs

 “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” – Voltaire

The Rheumatology Podcast, hosted by Michael Laccheo, Suleman Bhana, and myself  is now available on the website. Update: Now available in iTunes! We also have a Twitter feed @TheRheumPodcast that we’ll be using for updates as well.

This is an initial venture into podcasting for all three of us, and we’re happy with how the first episode turned out. We’re hoping that it will only improve over time as the show evolves and will be as educational for our listeners as it already has been for us.

Please take a listen and let us know any comments, suggestions, or encouragement that you have. We’ll do our best to respond or incorporate any great ideas that we can.

At the time of this posting, plans are well underway for episode 2, with plans to discuss a specific article (to be revealed soon, so that listeners can read it prior to the episode), more discussion on the the use of social media in medicine, and other various topics in technology and rheumatology.