Launching @ACR_Journals Account as Social Media Editor

Paul SufkaAnnouncements, Med Tech, Social Media

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be working as social media editor for the newly formed @ACR_Journals social media account on Twitter, curating online content for the official American College of Rheumatology Journals: Arthritis & Rheumatology, Arthritis Care & Research, and the soon to be launched (on March 15th), ACR Open Rheumatology.

A great portion of my personal rheumatology knowledge has been enhanced by connections and friendships that have formed via Twitter, and I have greatly enjoyed trying to contribute to the knowledge of others as well. If we have interacted in any way online, Thanks!

If you’re not already, please follow the @ACR_Journals account on Twitter, and I’ll do my best to share the best knowledge from these journals in the most innovative ways I can come up with.

I’ll be getting things set up for the next couple weeks, but things should be running around full speed by April 1st.

I’m always open for suggestions. If you have any ideas on ways that I can make the experience better, feel free to reach out to me via @ message or DM on Twitter: @psufka.