Using Twitter in Medical Education – 2016 ACR Program Directors’ Conference – Chicago, IL

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Signing up for Twitter
– Browser:
– Mobile:

Resources for getting started with Twitter
– RheumJC’s guide:
– Mom This is How Twitter Works:

Lists of rheumatologists on Twitter
My list
List by @ACRheum

Why educators should be on Twitter
– International Clinician Educators Network Blog: Personal learning networks: A hack to maintain competence
– Life in the Fast Lane: FOAM/FOAMed
– The Wall Street Journal: Why the Dean of Harvard Medical School Tweets

Healthcare Hashtags
– Symplur: Healthcare Hashtag Project
– Symplur blog: Applying the Power of Twitter to Medical Journal Clubs

Adult learning
– Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching: Flipped classroom model
– Wikipedia: Bloom’s modified learning taxonomy
– Related: Lifelong Learning and Teaching in Medicine

Papers about online journal clubs
– Journal of Medical Internet Research:
Globalization of Continuing Professional Development by Journal Clubs via Microblogging: A Systematic Review
Twitter-Based Journal Clubs: Additional Facts and Clarifications
Response to “Twitter-Based Journal Clubs: Some Additional Facts and Clarifications”
– International Review of Psychiatry: Social media, medicine and the modern journal club

– Twitter chat client: