Rheumatology Mastermind Group on Slack

Paul Sufka

“Make no small plans” — attributed to Daniel Burnham

The field of medicine can be isolating in many ways — especially in that it can be difficult to identify peers who have had similar specialized training, and are therefore going through similar difficulties.

After a recent discussion on Twitter, we’re starting a private Rheum-mastermind group on Slack.

According to wikipedia, a mastermind group is “ a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.”

A few initial thoughts at the time of launch:
1. This will be a private group, hopefully to allow people to ask questions more openly about difficult topics — career advice, practice management, lifestyle, job hunting.
2. Initially, I don’t think anything will be off limits (expect a need to respect HIPAA privacy).
3. I would highly encourage the use of direct messaging within Slack, especially if you connect with another member. Better yet, connect via phone or video/FaceTime/Skype.

Don’t worry If you’re not familiar with Slack. The built in tutorials are extremely helpful.

I’ll send out direct messages via Twitter to everyone that has shown interest. If I miss you, feel free to @ or DM me — I’m @psufka on Twitter.